Recreational activities

Leisure, holidays, teambuilding, anniversaries ...

 Marina Eforie comes to support companies that want to improve the performance of their  teams enabling  the hole location and the logistics.


 You can access the restaurant room from the Marina Eforie, a place where you can conduct team building sessions; to realize presentations outdoor seating area equipped with pergola or in the wooden gazebo on the harbor quay; to interact with team members combining communication with relaxation by the pool or simply sunbathing on comfortable chairs and "testing" the beneficial effects of sea in the mini bay at the entrance in the marina.

 And if we add to this the potential cruises on large boats / yachts of the Marina, is like we put the cherry on the cake!

 Original and unique! One way that no member of your team will never forget the teambuilding he/she attended!

  Marina Eforie offers consultancy needed to identify the most suitable program for the team you want to stimulate! We can provide packages including fun activities or hiking at the most important tourist spots in Dobrogea.

 Marina Eforie with Sail Adventures come to your help and try to find together with you, variants unique to organize events to combine adventure, elegance, sophistication, uniqueness, relaxation and we want to create together unforgettable moments for you, your family, friends and colleagues, or, why not, in the company of potential friends.

 Patterns of the events are customized according to your desires.

 The base place for the events is Marina Eforie - the first private marina in Romania.

 And, not least, we can guide you to all the most appropriate and most respectable accommodations close to Marina Eforie!