Restaurant, beach, pool

Restaurant "Sailors"

 The restaurant "Sailors" is a discreet location, away from the noise of the city, waiting for you in a pleasant environment right on the seashore, inside Marina Eforie. The restaurant will attract and conquer with the modern design, a carefully composed menu to satisfy the most demanding tastes, swimming pool with sea water, the peace and beauty of Marina Eforie.


 Whether you decide to spend your vacation at sea or you're a local who wants to spend a quiet evening out, you can choose to savor the food and wines that can be found in the menu of the new restaurant opened in Marina Eforie, restaurant "Sailors" .

 The restaurant "Sailors" awaits his guests with international cuisine, seafood, breakfast, and on request, menus for weddings, cultural events, launches, seminars, anniversaries, banquets or other special events in your life.

  If you want to serve breakfast on the terrace in Marina Eforie or you want to end the evening with a glass of good wine in the sound waves and admiring the boats in the harbor, the restaurant "Sailors" awaits you daily.

  Also noteworthy is that the restaurant has a large swimming pool. Here you can enjoy a fresh directly on lounge chairs by the pool or a cool refreshing drink inside the restaurant.

  The restaurant "Sailors" has 100 seats, arranged inside or on the terrace. It is arranged inside the Marina Eforie (former Port Belona), in the town of Eforie Nord.

 More details can be found on the Facebook page Sailors Restaurant