About us

 Marina Eforie is the first private marina in Romania, built to European standards.

 It is located in city Eforie North. The coordinates for entry in port are 44°03.75′N, 28°38.65′E.

 The term "navy" defines a marina for small boats, tourist boats, sports boats, pleasure boats, with specific design.

 In Marina Eforie access for boats arriving on the water is through a fairway buoys, width 12 m and water depth varying between 3.5  and 4.2 m.

 Marina Eforie can simultaneously accommodate 60 boats with lengths up to 18 m and a maximum draft of 3 m, both in summer and in winter, it is secured 24 from 24 hours.

 Marina Eforie is well known among seafarers, tourists and even residents of the area as a tourist harbor Bellona (name borrowed from the neighboring hotel and lake, mythological character from the late Roman period that embody the warrior god Mars wife, divinity that contributed to error travelers).

 The facilities offered by Marina Eforie are designed to satisfy boats user requirements. Gladly inform you that in 2014 we have a new way vehicle access, therefor  you can reach us more easily if you choose to come down from the hotel Bellona to the marina. You can also reach all too easy to us whatever part of the country come, because the distance from the highway A2 to port is relatively small. Also, situated in the locality Eforie North, resort in development, but still small, a big advantage is that accommodation (hotels, villas, pensions, etc.) are very close to us. Thus, you will easily reach us, whether you choose to spend a few hours in a cruise, subscribe to sailing courses at the School Sail Adventures, which is also located in Marina Eforie, enjoy a lunch or dinner at the trendy restaurant “Sailors”, who is also in Marina Eforie, or you want to opt for quayage in the beautiful marina in the Romanian Black Sea shore.